Dr. Oliver Picht

Navigator & Meteorology Officer

Deutschland_120-animierte-flagge-gifsDISTANCE SAILED: 5.000nm
SEA AREAS: Arctic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea, North Sea

Last Expedition: Expedition ARCTIC OCEAN RAPTOR: South Exploration 31.7. – 7.8.2016



The Navigator is responsible for the safe Navigation. Preperation is the key for reaching the goal of the Navigator. During the Expedition the Navigator advises the Skipper in reaching the mission goals and ensuring the safety of the Crew. Oliver will also be the responsible Meteorology Officer during Expedition MEN and THE SEA and is therefore responsible for all weather advisory on board. He will organize and analyze wind and weather forecasts.

Get in contacts with the Expeditions Navigator &  Meteorology Officer Oliver Picht directly by writing to oliver.picht@mac.com